Open Data Portal

Open Data portal


The Open Data Portal is the forum offered by the Madrid City Council to promote access to data on municipal public management and foment the development of creative tools to attract and serve Madrid’s citizens.  


Open Data (“datos abiertos” in Spanish) is a global initiative, linked to open government policies. It seeks open, regular publication of data and information, especially that which is in the hands of public administrations, so it can be re-used by anyone, with no access restrictions, copyrights, patents or other control mechanisms.


The root philosophy behind this initiative is to promote transparency, efficiency, public participation and economic development.  



To serve interested parties (companies, researchers, data journalists and the public in general) so that they can use public information:


-For simple consultations.

-To enrich the information with new data (provide added value).

-To generate applications and services.

-To create new businesses.


To make all governments more transparent, through the publication of data in open formats:


-To generate confidence in institutions, because this presents the work done in different institutions and shows how public resources are managed and invested. 

-To help overall economic development and the generation of new sectors and services for residents.



This platform is designed to be permanent and is intended to be the main point of entry to access all of the information on the City of Madrid, which will be provided in a re-usable format.  



From its launch in March 2014 through the end of 2017 these are its numbers:


-More than 365 sets of data published.

-More than 2,600 different data files available in those 365 sets of data.  

-More than 6,000,000 files downloaded for re-use, with an average of almost 200,000 downloads per month.

-More than 500 people registered in the re-use registry to receive monthly updates on what’s new in the portal and the updates that City Hall develops to promote its use and improvement. Registration is not required in order to re-use the information, but those who are registered receive monthly updates.




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