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Screenshot of the website of the Madrid City Council.


The institutional portal is the official website of the Madrid City Council that provides citizens, in an easy, integrated and accessible way, updated information of general interest about the City Council and its services. It also gives access to a series of resources, activities and benefits that are useful for the citizens of Madrid, it allows the electronic realization and fulfillment of municipal management through its electronic headquarters, and it favors the participation and interaction with the administration (complying with the current legislation on data protection).


The first municipal website (munimadrid) was created in the 90s in order to meet the citizens’ demands, although resources were limited and had very rudimentary technology, without an appropriate content manager system (CMS). In 2006, a new website launched, supported by a content management system (VCM, Vignette Content Management), and a gradual and decentralized management model was gradually introduced, in which the various municipal services that produce information were constituted in web content management units, until reaching the current 50 units.


Due to the need to evolve and adapt to changes in the web environment, in 2015 a new, more flexible and visual portal emerged, with a new structure, a different graphic style, a new content manager that offered more possibilities (WEM, Web Experience Management, which was the evolved version of VCM) and a new technological infrastructure supported by a private cloud. In addition to all that, a more responsive design was implemented so it could adapt to any type of device or browser.


In this context, a model with different portals was established within, which meant that those services or units that have specific needs and require a greater degree of autonomy could publish their own web portals; using the same content manager and the same technology. For example, the electronic headquarters, the transparency portals, the ones on open data or libraries are portals that belong to


The institutional portal is a reference among the portals of other municipalities and public administrations, for several reasons:


− is a renowned brand that offers trust and credibility.

−It is very well positioned in the search engines (Google).

−It is fully accessible and has been certified since 2011 by AENOR’s accessibility certification, which is renewed annually.

−It complies and meet personal data protection regulations.



−Respond to the needs and expectations of citizens.

−Integrate and gather all the essential municipal information into a single website and make it possible to carry out online procedures through the electronic headquarters.

−Encouraging citizen participation through different means: citizen proposals, surveys, presentation of suggestions and claims, requests for access to public information, registration forms, etc.

−Enhance a solid corporate image.

−Develop accessibility and ease of use, so that the maximum number of people can access the institutional portal, regardless of their personal knowledge, abilities or the technical characteristics of the equipment used.

−Consolidate the information management model shared with the municipal services that produce information.



The project has a permanent duration, although it is a project in constant evolution.



Data correspond to the 2018 year:

-92% of persons satisfied

-93% have a positive evaluation on its utility

-More than 15million users

-More than 90million visits to the website

-99,94% maximum service availability

-More than 200.000 articles posted/published



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