Comprehensive Cooperation with Cities and Territories

Comprehensive Cooperation with Cities and Territories


At present, the change of urban paradigm that assigns cities the role of development engines, demands new cooperation formulas with cities and territories that allow them to jointly address the problems and common challenges that they share.


Experience teaches us that there are always advantages arising from cooperation and that it reaches its maximum expression when it is carried out from peer to peer, this being the new and innovative aspect that introduces the integral cooperation between cities and territories that the Madrid City Council has proposed for the 2015-2019 period. It starts from the conviction that the relationship between cooperating cities must be done horizontally, as equals. A relationship in which each city offers and contributes in their best way by involving the institutional, social, academic, cultural, educational, economic, and associative aspects during the process. This participatory cooperation expects local governments to acquire the role of energizers and promoters of reciprocal solidarity.


This city project includes the measures financed by the Madrid City Council, which on one hand, strengthen local governments and the institutional network through actions of integral cooperation, technical and training assistance, exchange of experiences and international positioning (all directed to different municipalities of different countries). And on the other, they enhance the presence and the role of the Madrid City Council in the Ibero-American sphere, thus favoring the international projection of our city.


In 2016, the City Council of Madrid opted for this new model of integral cooperation, signing two agreements with the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities (UCCI). This way, it is possible to establish the first contact with the different local governments and deepen into bilateral cooperation models between the city of Madrid and other Ibero-American cities. A total of fourteen cities and two networks adhere to the signing of Memoranda of Integral Cooperation between both, which will evolve until the signing of the corresponding Integral Cooperation Programs (PCI) between Madrid and each of the cities, where they will collect the most relevant aspects of such cooperation.


In 2017, the agreement with the UCCI was renewed and proposed to deepen even more into the Integral Cooperation Programs (PCI), incorporating that these orient its formulation to the practical application of the strengthening principles of the municipal international action and the localization principles of the SDGs; all of this, in order to achieve cities and human settlements that are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable according to the SDGs 11 and 17. During this period, nineteen cities and three networks have signed cooperation agreements within the UCCI, having printed the PCI of cities like Panama, La Paz, Brasilia, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. In the same way within the Integral Cooperation Program, seventy-five Integral Cooperation Actions have been carried out in twenty cities and two regional events focusing on strategic lines related to green urban networks, inclusive social development, institutional strengthening, gender equality and a global/international dialogue.


In 2018 and 2019, considering the positive results offered by this type of bilateral cooperation between the different cities and territories, the collaboration with the UCCI will continue by co-financing the realization of new activities and the signing of new cooperation programs with other Ibero-American cities.



-To support activities of comprehensive cooperation with cities and to strengthen local capacities in the various municipalities where activities are carried out.

-To encourage the exchange of experiences and best practices that provide for activities of comprehensive cooperation and mutual solidarity.

-Empower the presence and image of the Madrid City Council within the Ibero-American area for an international projection of our city.



The duration of this project is from 2015 to 2019



The project has an investment of 6,600,000€. Since its launch up until 2018, a total of 4,759,000€ has been invested.




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