City of Madrid international promotion website

City of Madrid international promotion website


The city of Madrid’s international promotion website “Madrid for you” represents a completely bilingual (Spanish-English) platform for the promotion of the city of Madrid abroad.


The website has four main parts:


-The Discover Madrid section, which shows a selection of the values that make Madrid a very attractive destination for study, work, investing or enjoyment. Together with these values, there is information on Madrid’s strengths in international city indices and rankings, which are the result of its target positioning.

-The Madrid Facts and Figures section, which offers a selection of data and figures in Spanish and English that make it possible to know more about the city in all its aspects.

-The website also includes a selection of the city’s outstanding projects in the different municipal subject areas that describe good practices and initiatives implemented by the Madrid City Council that could be taken as a role model by other cities.

-The website includes a news section for the international promotion of the city and its international activity.   


Along with the website, Madrid’s international promotion profile is also being launched on the major social networks.   



-Improve communication about Madrid’s attractions and strengths, and communicate the noteworthy initiatives or projects promoted by Madrid City Hall  

-Foment the international promotion of the city of Madrid to improve its positioning among major world cities

-Increase Madrid’s international influence, reinforcing Madrid’s image and contributing to the improvement of its perception internationally

-Improve communication in other languages on the city of Madrid and its strengths.






The International Promotion Office of the city of Madrid coordinates the project and defines the contents and structure of the web page, although the programming and technical maintenance of the web platform have an approximate cost of 30,000 euros per year.