Environment and transport

Some tourists rent bicycles from the municipal service Bicimad

11 July 2019

Madrid, a benchmark for sustainable mobility with 21,600 shared vehicles

Madrid is becoming the global epicenter of shared urban mobility. In recent years there have been…

An image of several taxis circulating next to Plaza de Cibeles

21 June 2019

Madrid promotes the purchase of ECO and CERO taxis

The Ayuntamiento de Madrid has opened the application period for subsidies for taxi license holders…

An image of the attendees and the stand participating in the VEM2019

12 June 2019

The Electric Vehicle fair in Madrid was the epicenter of sustainable mobility

The VEM2019, the fair of the Electric Vehicle of Madrid, was held once again in the central Plaza…

A bus next to Puerta de Toledo

17 May 2019

Madrid, in the top 25 of smart cities worldwide

Madrid appears in position 24 of the sixth edition of the IESE Cities in Motion Index, which is…

Image of three professionals at the SIGA fair.

21 March 2019

Madrid hosts the first International Water Conference with successful assistance

The IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid were the scene of the first International Water Conference under…

Image of one of Menses's delivery bicycles.

14 March 2019

The sustainable urban distribution arrives in Madrid

The commitment and respect for the environment have led the startup Mensos to create the first…

Image of one of the innovations presented in Genera 2019.

14 March 2019

More than 14,000 professionals participate in Genera Madrid 2019, 35% more than in 2018

The International Fair of Energy and Environment, Genera 2019, has received the visit of 14,695…